Security & Mobile Surveillance Services for Business


As the nation’s leading environmental services and residential recycling company, Waste Management provides safe and sustainable solutions to address environmental concerns. A key component of achieving this is Waste Management Security Services.

WM Security Services (WMSSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, protects the assets of this multi-billion dollar, Fortune 200 Company. The Security Operations Center (SOC), located in Houston, Texas, monitors the safety and security systems of customers across the country. The center also serves as an emergency response and crisis management office.

Around the clock, 365 days-a-year, highly trained and industry certified security professionals provide an impressive array of services for customers. In addition to fire and burglar alarm monitoring at more than 2,000 Waste Management facilities, the SOC provides intelligent video monitoring and security tools to help companies manage risk, allowing them to focus more on maximizing their core business.

SOC Mission

To intelligently monitor the security technology of WM and customer sites in order to prevent loss of property and life. WMSSI knows our customers’ risks, we extract maximum value from technology, leveraging it to innovate and optimize sustainable solutions for protecting facilities and persons monitored.

"We oversee everything. We overlook nothing."

Services Offered

From video monitoring, fire, intrusion, environmental conditions and Lone Worker safety monitoring, the SOC works with each customer to tailor a security-monitoring platform to fit their unique needs and provide services exceeding their expectations. The list of services provided includes:

  • Fire Monitoring
  • Intrusion Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Lone Worker Safety
  • Environmental Condition Monitoring
  • Incident Reporting
  • Investigation Support
  • Security System Programming
  • Service/Tech Support

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Blackline GPS, Corp. is a Calgary-based wireless location technology company. Blackline integrates satellite GPS tracking with cellular GSM technology to provide solutions for vehicle recovery, person and asset tracking, and lone worker safety. WMSSI selected Blackline’s lone worker safety device, Loner SMD, to use in protecting Waste Management employees working alone or at remote locations.

The Loner SMD is an intelligent safety-monitoring device designed to alert the SOC when an end user experiences a threat or physical emergency. The device has four key safety features:

1. No Motion – activity monitoring that alerts when there is no movement detected for a selected number of minutes
2. Fall Detection – the device sends an alert if a worker falls or an impact occurs
3. Emergency Latch – an employee can activate to immediately summon assistance
4. Silent Panic – will notify the central station to dispatch authorities without making a sound

Pro-Vigil, Inc. is the nation’s largest owner and operator of mobile surveillance units. Located in San Antonio, TX, Pro-Vigil’s virtual guard stations deliver mobile, temporary surveillance anywhere a customer requires coverage. The stations have bright LED floodlights, police style strobes, a public address system, and multiple day/night cameras to detect and deter intruders from entering a property. The value to the customer is the fact that they do not have to hire a 24/7 security guard to be on site (at a higher cost), yet can perform the same guard tours and be alerted to events on all parts of the property with the mobile units.

The high-tech sentry stations deliver sharp images, 24 hours a day, to the Security Operations Center. Clients can view “live” video surveillance remotely by cell phone and tablet applications, or retrieve it later. Some of the market segments Pro-Vigil stations are commonplace in are listed below:

  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Utility & Public Works
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Oil & Gas
  • Communication Towers